Day 1 - 7 things you succeed at
Saturday, October 29, 2011

-Finishing two plates of food
-Sleeping really late
-Blog designing in 1 hour
-Going online for hours and hours
-Memorizing songs
-Writing in 'Jawi'
-Sulking :>
Yeay! Done with Day 1. 

Moving on to what me and my family have been doing today. We went to Jusco. Our main agenda was to go to the arcade store for my sisters. But we couldn't go there with an empty stomach, can we? 

Kenny Rogers Roasters! Yum. I ordered a Quarter Meal with Macaroni&Cheese, Aromatic Rice and Fresh Fruit Salad for the side dishes. I also order that Jewel smthing drink. But what I was really looking forward for was the Macaroni&Cheese and the vanilla muffin. Heee.

Ah! Look at dem deliciousness! I finished the muffin in a flash. Too lovely too be true. The chicken and side dishes was devine as well. Ok, now I'm gettin' hungry. Again. Anyway, we then went to the arcade I mentioned. I couldn't remember the name though. I spent like RM10 on a stupid plush machine and got nothing in return! What a rip-off! That crane thingy was obviously broken. 

At least my sisters had fun ;]

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