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Monday, October 31, 2011

-My blog lol.

So the most 'amazing' thing happened to me today.

2 school prefects came to my class and called me, Azali and Huda outside. At first I thought, "Woah, am I getting a penalty or something? I swore I've done nothing wrong, bro!" But I only said it in my head, so nobody could hear me. Then they gave us these letters from the school discipline teacher. I read the first line.
Tahniah, anak Yang Berbahagia Dato'/Datin/Tuan/Puan yang bernama Nazihah daripada kelas 4SC telah diberi tawaran bla bla bla untuk menjadi pengawas sekolah bagi tahun 2012.
Me? A school prefect? Omg but no. One of the prefect said that we can not agree to the 'tawaran' *ehem* so I'm thinking I'm just going to disagree. Why? I have no interest in being a school prefect. No interest at all. I'm really sorry, teacher, but me a school prefect? You chose the wrong girl man.

I saw my boyfriend today. Hokay, I'm a bit *mad* at him for his excuse of ignoring me for the past week. He said he wanted to get ready for the next two months because it's the school holiday and we will not be seeing eachother for those two months. And you know what? If he can do it, then I can do it as well. Let's see how you feel when you get ignored. I gave him the evil eye everytime our eyes made contact.

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But it hurts, though ;(