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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Imma go to school tomorrow. Why all of the sudden? Because of Prime Minister is giving out RM100 to all students in Malaysia. It's more of a financial help for studies. Fifth formers won't receive RM100 because they're not going to school next year hihi. If I'm not mistaken lah. Hehe. I need da money. At first I was thinking that I want to use the money for comics because it is for 'books' but maybe I should exchange the money for Australian Dollars because...

I'm going to Townsville, Australia next month!

I'm accompanying my mom because she has a health conference there and she doesn't want to go alone. Don't worry mama, you are not alone! My mom says she'll only give me money for food, but not for 'ole-ole' and stuff. Bah bah bah. That ain't fun. Hehe. Just now, my old picture was leaked to my BBB group! I wonder where they got them -_- Here's one ;


I look so... yellow. Menyesal upload ke internet. I wonder where they got them. Myspace? One said Google. Hahahahahahaha. I can't believe I smiled like that and I have no fashion sense back then. I was fourteen, man. Fourteen. Peh, nevermind :p

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