Challenge compilation #1.
Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 7 ; 4 things you would save in a fire.
- Al-Quran
- Birth Certificates and important files
- My pocket money I've collected
- Laptop lol

 Day 1 ; Your Facebook profile photo.

My sister, Hajar, and me >.<

I actually went to school for no reason today.Well, there is a reason actually. I wanted my test papers back. But you know what? I ain't got nothing back! You know why? We had to go to some 'Ceramah Jati Diri' thing. I was like fuuuuuu... It was fun, but if it wasn't for those test papers, I wouldn't force myself to get up early in the morning. I want to marry my bed.

Next week last week of school. Just a bit sad because I won't get any pocket many anymore tsk tsk. Hahahahahaha. Kbai.

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