Challenge compilation #2
Saturday, November 5, 2011

I still have time to do this before I go to Pahang. Haha.

Day 8 ; 4 bad habits
-Night snacking
-Cleaning my nails (is this bad?)
-Showering too long
-I used to bite my nails haha.

Day 2 ; A photo of yourself a year ago

I can't see any differences tho ;]

I'm going to Pahang for Raya Haji after zuhur but I haven't packed anything yet lol. Toooo lazy. There's guest though so I should worry...yet. So excited because I called Aiman after 2 days not talking to him. I miss him ;( I brought him a bar of chocolate yesterday to school but he was absent so I ate it haha. I feel so... guilty. I'll buy him a new one. Promise *pinky swears*

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