I despise copycats.
Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm not really in the mood to update my challenge quest. I'll do it tomorrow. Mostly because I've just been copied and my skin freebies from my tutorial blog has been ripped by this little girl. If I'm not mistaken, this is already her third blog. And you know what? She copied me on all three of them. At first I was all cool lah, she's just eleven right. On her first blog, she copied almost every famous person she knows. That includes Lettha, kak Biyha and other famous bloggers. So most of them bashed her for her wrong-doings. And you know what she gave us for an excuse?
" I wanted experience on being a copycat "
FTS man!! She closed her first blog then and I just found out she deleted me on Facebook and made a new blog. Probably because she doesn't want me to find out. Oh, what did she copy? She copied my About Me which I spent an hour on just to write that damn thing. God have mercy on her. Then she removed the credits from my skin. I'm not stupid. Hey kid, if you want to be famous and everything... well congrats, you're famous on becoming a copycat. Cheers for you, kiddo.

I've told my Facebook group, BBB about this and they bashed her on her shoutmix. Omg i love you guys ;') I hope this teaches her a lesson. Oh not to mention that she also copied kak Yasmin Redzuan's post. Just saying. Kbai. 

p/s ; if you know miagotswag, then you know everything.
p/s ; i'm reconstructing my about me...(again) -_-
p/s ; i don't need your opinion about this post. just read in silence, kay.