Last day of school ; 2011.
Thursday, November 10, 2011

One more year in high school and I'm out. I'm kinda happy that today was the last day of school. Most students would cry and shout 'i hope to see u soon next year' and bla bla bla. 98% of the kids in my class were like that. I'm on the 2% side who just wants to leave the place for good. Nothing special happened to me today. Just heart break. Didn't have a friend by my side and being placed second by the person I put first.

Muhammad Aiman. I'm sorry to say this but I haven't been 100% honest to you. Although I smile and laugh with you, their all lies. Plastic. My heart aches everytime I see you because the boy I used to love is already a changed man. I should be proud, but you're taking all of your hopes and devotion to the wrong path. I wish you were always by my side again, I wish you would stand up for me, I wish you would put me before your friends like you used to do. I feel ignored. I feel like I'm just a useless brat to you.

You told your friends that you always treat me the way I am. But you aren't. You ignore me. All the time. I always wonder if you ever thinking of me, but if you were... you must've always talk to me on the phone. Like how we used to do. Did you know? The moment you left me alone in our class, my tears were already flowing. The first tear, came from my heart. The second, dripped onto my cheeks. You left me and never came back for me. The thing that was always on your mind now was work and money and friends and korean pop stars and blah. I hate you. I miss the old you. Bring the Aiman I knew 2 years ago back!!

But now all I could think is bringing you back would be impossible. It's better for me to think about what's more important than this love game.

Good luck 2011 SPM candidates.

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