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Saturday, November 12, 2011

We're ok. Just "ok". Hmph. I wonder if he knows that I'm still mad at him. We'll see. Today me, my mom and my sister went to Totoro ; an anime comic store. Let's just say it was more like comic heaven to my sister and I. We even brought a list of comics we want to buy. A total of 17 comics were on the list. But we only bought six. Everything costed us about RM43. No regrets, bebeh. No regrets.

I have a photo of the comics we bought but I'm too lazy to upload them. Mwehehe. I've already finished 1 comic entitled 'Cinta Seindah Langit'. The best :> We have enough stock to make it through... 1 week? I dunno. Eveytime we finish the comics we bought, we'll end up going crazy because we don't have anything to read. Pure otaku's. Haha. If only Aiman is an otaku.. but he isn't. He hates comics -.- Peh. He actually made a rule for me ; 1 comic per MONTH. But... I broke it. Heheh. Shhh.

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