New skin submitted.
Wednesday, January 25, 2012

εvεrlαsting friεnd / live preview / info / download
Maaf lah kalau buruk. Saya masih noob TT-TT Mula-mula nak jadikan skin khas buat Budak Budak Bloggers, tapi dia sangatlah tak lawa jadi saya masukkan ke blogskin. Saya suka background flora tu je. Yg lain main hantam promo. Rate comment download whatever. Comments/critics are highly appreciated. Okbai.

Edit / This skin berjaya dapat SOTD ._. Thank you gais.... *sniff sniff*. Oh one more thing this skin has nothing to do with SuJu ._. I was highly aware that 'Everlasting Friend' was their fanclub name but I just picked that name because this skin was supposed to be a skin for BBB. But then I changed my mind, but didn't change the skin name hehe sorry ELF's o_o

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