Sunday, February 26, 2012

So has everybody heard about Block B's controversy? The Thailand interview one? Yah I'm gonna say a few things about the interview. Correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, it was about Zico saying he only has 7000 won to donate to Thailand and, no sympathy? Meh I'm not sure. But it was a joke right and it wasn't big until 2PM's Nickhun tweeted about it. Followed by the other 2PM members and U-Kiss's Dongho, I quote, "7000 won worth idol".

And it was a big deal to everybody. Even I'm a bit mad about that. But they said they were sorry and Zico even shaved his head! (shaving ur head is a sign of remorse in the asian culture. I repeat, Asian culture) So isn't it immature for people to sign a suicide petition towards the boys?! Maknae Pyo Jihoon was hospitalized (for nervous breakdown).

Look, they're human. Not robots. They can't be progammed to say what they're told to say or do what they're told to do. Nobody's perfect. Even idols. Everybody makes mistake. Haven't you guys heard of second chances?! Put yourself in their shoes. They feel awful for what they said in that interview and they are really sorry. Furthermore, they INDIVIDUALLY donate 200+ DOLLARS to Thailand every month. Srsly guise have a heart. They made a mistake. They apologized. Let's just forgive them, shall we?
I'm a Bana but I love Block B too. Let's trend #staystrongblockb and #staystrongpyojihoon on Twitter! Stay together, guys! True BBC's will always support you!
by Nazihah Anuar, via iPad 2.

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