And may the odds....
Thursday, May 24, 2012 EVAH in your favor. Spent my night reading 'The Hunger Games' until dawn. It 'calms' me in a sort of way. READING calms me. Yeah that's right. I also skipped school today. So did my best friend, Puteri. She asked whether she could come and hear what happened yesterday ("is there anything I could do to help you?") but I turned her down. I was NOT in the mood for anybody to come and tell me to do this and that. K that sounded a bit harsh -.- But I just need a little ME time. Because everything in my head is messed up. I'm confused.  My head is just full of ashes. Figuratively speaking.

But right now, instead of moping around in my room, I turned on my laptop and went straight to Tumblr. I changed my Tumblr URL. 'ricecakeu' is a nice name aite? Heheh. Well anyway, as soon as I signed into Youtube and Tumblr, B1A4 and Leader Jiho is everywhere on my dash!! B1A4 released another *fantastic* MV (Baby Good Night) and Jiho is back!! He has recovered from his vocal nodules and made a comeback (should I say comeback?) yesterday. I'm glad to see him so healthy :-)

Gongchan y u so silly :p /gif not mine/

"Dancing in the moonlight "