So far so.....good?
Friday, May 25, 2012

EXAM RESULTS ARE KILLING ME. By a mile. So far these are the results I got.

1) Mathematics. 
Paper 1 = 35/40.
Paper 2 = 77/100.
Altogether, 80%.  

2) English.
Paper 2 = 62/70.

3) Additional Mathematics.
Paper 2 = 40/100 (I hate myself ugh)

4) History.
Altogether, 66% 
Der I hate Sejarah but still got B+ hahahahahaha.

5) Chemistry.
Altogether, 50% (I think.... my friend told me this. I didn't get a look at it myself).
Seriously I can't believe I actually got 50%. Usually I get around 40% or below /sigh/ but this changes everything! Maybe tuition did help. Eheheheehe :-)

That's about it I guess. Let's just forget exams and enjoy the holidays!! But I still have extra classes on Saturday and Sunday but who cares? Let's partayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Gif not mine. x