Day 1 /Favorite Book.
Sunday, June 10, 2012

Eh srsly what. You're making me PICK my FAVORITE book? ;A; That's impossibruuuu. I love all three. Yah. All three books are perfect. I always get teary eyes reading the books. It touches my soul asdfghjkl. But I'm gonna pick one anyway for the sake of this challenge ._. Lemme think lemme think...

I would pick the second book, Catching Fire. You have to read it to know how spectacular it is. Yup.

"Tick tock, this is a clock." -Pic is not mine.

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Guys, any questions please don't ask in my cbox. I won't answer cos I'm too lazy to go to yours ._. Please kindly ask at my Formspring account. Thanks!

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