Day 6 /Favorite Weapon.
Friday, June 15, 2012

My fave weapon would be.... Katniss' bow, Finnick's trident and Clove's knives! Does Peeta's painting skill count? Lololol. Oh yah and Beetee's wires. Yup.


Gif not mine. Credits to the owner. Oh yah I've got all my results yeay. I've scored 46% for Additional Mathematics, Alhamdulillah ;A; Atas pagar but it's okay. At least I didn't fail and I have zero fails for my mid-term tests. All are average but I'm satisfied. Yes satisfied. Gonna try my best for trials uhuhu. They say JPS is going to make the questions so yah I'm a bit worried. Worried about myself and Aiman. He's been busy lately so I don't know whether he studies or not k I'll have to drag him to a study group or something mwahahahahah.

Gotta get ready for tuition now. Assalamualaikum. x

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