2013! {+ wishlist} ★
Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy new year everybody! Even though there's a rumour going around that wishing a happy new year is apparently haram, I'm going to wish it anyway. What's the harm of wishing people a good year la seriously? Well anyway, I've decided to renew my wishlist.

2013 Wishlist.
 Pororo Edison Training Chopsticks
because they're just so damn cute~

 Thermal boots!
just in case my family decides to go to snowalk i-city again.
no i don't wanna freeze my feet.
and i want to buy them with my own money. yup

 A good SPM result.
well duh.

 Eat sushi with my beloved
have always been my dream ahahahahahaha

 Go to a k-pop concert.
people can hate all they want I still want to meet my biases.

 Have a sleepover with my girlfriends~
because I miss them 

 Get a polaroid camera!
i don't even have to explain how i've always wanted one.

Y'know I'd like to use my own money for the things that require money because it'll be more satisfying, don'tcha think? But overall, I just want to be happy {gheiiiii}

Picture from cherrybam.com, edited by me.

Have a blessed new year. 
And remember, don't screw up 2013!