5 hours of my life gone
Friday, December 14, 2012

Currently striving for my 'L' license. I went through a 5-hour ceramah and lived to tell the tale ok I have no idea how the people who went for the 8-hour ceramah survived. The first session was ok because the talk was given by an indian man and to be very honest indians are really good at talking and I was laughing my butt off [not literally]. The second session after our break was horrid though. I was THIS close to falling asleep but I couldn't since I sat right in front. The second session was given by a malay guy and to be frank he was funny; in a not-so-good way. He kept giving bad jokes and I wasn't laughing with him; I was laughing at him. It was more like he was talking to himself lol.

But still, I hope I pass the ujian komputer.

Nazihah Anuar