exercise? dieting??
Sunday, December 23, 2012

K: Doesn't it suppose to be "whom I'm with" than "who I'm with"? Tehehe... no offends. I liked your design, it simple and cute tho.
I'm always confused with whom and who tho lol thanks for reminding me n.n and your sentence, it's supposed to be "Isn't it supposed to be" and it's "no offence" not "no offends". Offends is a verb. Plus, "it's simple/it is simple" not "it simple".

Tehehe no offence & thank you for the compliment n__n
edit- you liked my design? does that mean you don't like it anymore? TДT

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Okay back to the topic. Lately I've been trying to lose weight eventho I seem to be thin, my thighs are huge pmsl. They can't even fit my aunt's jeans. [t/n  most of my clothing are inherited from my mom and aunt ha ha] So I've been trying to eat healthily. No more fast foods & instant noodles for me ̄д ̄My focus is more on my legs than my upper body lol. I have also been trying this method called the "kerusi bayangan" or the wall squat.

This just looks easy but it's not. I can't even stay in this position for 10 seconds. My sis suggest I sing while doing the wall squat but u___u  Sigh will I succeed???

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view from my hotel room in genting.