Genting Highland.
Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Assalamualaikum~ I've been away for 3 days (but I don't think anybody noticed lol) because I went & stayed at Genting Highlands! My parents insisted that I've been there before when I was a wee kid but how was I supposed to remember lol so I was really excited for our trip. My mom had a conference there so she brought the whole family! She even booked an extra room for us. The booking was last minute so we got a room on level 20.

We went to Genting Theme Park and I finally got to ride a roller coaster (which has been my dream for the last few years) and I was psyched. Tbh my time there was more wasted to waiting to ride the roller coaster than actually riding the roller coaster.

I'll write more later (or not) too tired rn bye!