korean letters!
Monday, December 31, 2012

So I wanna teach you guys a few letters so that u can practise writing in korean as well! This has been in my drafts for quite a while so I think it's about time to publish it. Good luck!

Consonant + 아 (a) vowel
바 ba [pronounced lightly "pa"]
자 ja [pronounced lightly "cha"]
다 da [pronounced lightly "ta"]
가 ga [prononced lightly "ka"]
사 sa
마 ma
나 na
라 la/ra
하 ha
카 ka
타 ta
차 cha
파 pa
빠 bba
짜 jja
따 dda
까 gga
싸 ssa
아 (a)
오 (o)
어 (eo)
이 (ee)
우 (oo)
으 (eu - it's not ee-yu, it's like the e in peringatan)
요 (yo)
여 (yeo)
야 (ya)
얘 (yae)
예 (yae)
애 (ae)
에 (ae)
와 (wa)
왜 (wae)
웨 (wae)
워 (wo)
위 (wee)
의 (oo-ee)
This should be remembered too!
If you put the ㅇ at the end of the syllable, it becomes an 'ng' sound. For example, saranghae is spelled 사해.
 There's a site to type in korean letters. Go here!
I think I've covered most of the consonants and vowels? If there are some missing do comment & I'll edit this post later. Correct me if there are mistakes!! I'm learning too n__n 
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