Photoshop Tutorial; Create a .GIF {from a video}
Sunday, December 30, 2012

So as I've told you guys before, I'm going to start making Photoshop tutorials and here's my first one. I'm going to start with something many have requested okay ^o^ You're going to need;
Photoshop /duh/
 A video
 Creativity ~.~
I'm not sure which versions of Photoshop that can be used to make gifs, mine is CS5 ^o^ This is actually really easy to follow okay so don't worry.
 Make sure you install Quicktime or else you won't be able to import your video.
Please don't rely on me 100%. Use your brain along the way okay.
 First, open your photoshop. Now look at the tabs, you'll see Files. Click that, then find Import ▸. After that, click Video Frames To Layers. A window will open. Now locate the folder where your video is stored. If it says "No items match your search", don't panic. Just type in *.* in the File Name space and click Enter. Your video will appear!

Now double-click the video you want. It will come out like this.

Click the picture to enlarge.

Tick the Selected Range Only option and highlight the part of the video you want to appear in your gif.
If you don't know how to select the range of your video...

And if you don't what the arrows is....

I think I've made this super clear.

After you've selected the part of your video, click OK. And tada! It will appear like this. If you don't have the animation box, click Window on the tabs and choose Animation.

Click to enlarge.

Play around with the timing and all and click the play button to see the results. To save your gif, click File >  Save For Web & Devices. Finally, click Save. And you're done! ^-^ 

The gif above is from a video I took while riding the snow car @ Snowalk, I-City. Or is it Ice Car? I can't remember ha ha TToTT I've edited mine and added words and stuff. I'll make another tutorial for that if I have the time. I hope you can follow this tutorial. I tried very hard heh heh. Any questions please ask me through my or Twitter. Good luck!
You are strictly forbidden to copy this tutorial and the photos in it. But if you really really want to, ask for my permission first & credit me. Thank you.