11 day book/reading challenge + stuff
Monday, January 7, 2013

was searching for a challenge so that i'll at least have something to blog about other than my boring boring life and came across this!
Your favorite quote from any book - why does it means so much to you. 
Favorite book - 10 reasons why people should read it. 
Favorite author - which was your favorite book by him. 
Do you prefer to read a “real” book (material thing) or to read it on your iPad/iPod/computer - why. 
Favorite thing you have ever read in the Internet (it can be a quote, just a post, a phrase, whatever) 
Favorite quote from you favorite book. 
Favorite plot. 
5 must read books. 
2 books you disliked - why you disliked it. 
Which was the worst book you have ever read - why. 
5 authors people need to read.
and i found the reason why i hate this blog. i hate my previous posts from 2011. i was so immature back then and those posts were the reasons i had problems last year. and i'm currently deleting posts that are related to my {very very very } personal life or any posts that had to do with my boyfriend. yes we're still together (since some of you were wondering).


now that we've finished school i've been thinking about marriage a lot lol. but i'm still young la i'm only 18 this year. buuuuuuuuuuuut marriage is beautiful okay ;_; i watched kak maria elena's wedding video a week ago and i cried ;_; it was just so beautiful. congratulations kak maria hope you guys kekal til jannah okay uhuhuhuhuhu.

and i also read kak irine's post about her pregnancy and i was like awwww how cute. i don't usually read looooong posts but her post was an exception. 

i guess that's about it this was supposed to be a short post but i ended up blabbling about marriage and stuff idek. good night!