day 2
Sunday, January 13, 2013

i forgot to update my challenge hahahahahaha i've been so busy with life =o= but im just gonna continue heh heh.

day 2; favourite book & 10 reasons why ppl should read it.

my current fave book is dust & decay by jonathan maberry.

This book is about zombies /cause i just love zombies/ and is actually the second book from the series rot & ruin but i haven't read the first book yet bcs they were all out at mph TT.TT at first i was like aw man how am i gonna understand this book if i haven't read the first one yet but i bought it anyway cuz it's so thick and the storyline's just great. plus my sister challenged me to finish this book in a week. i finished it in one day hahahahaah it's addicting ok i can read this book 12701427 times and not get bored.

10 reasons why people should read this book....
u don't need a reason if u love zombies go buy this book n o w.