warm bodies by isaac marion
Tuesday, January 15, 2013

this book has been on my wishlist since i watched it's movie trailer (last week i guess?) and i ordered it through mphonline 2 days ago and it arrived this morning! i've already read about half of the book so i guess i could give half a review lol.

book title: warm bodies
author: isaac marion
genre: romance, a bit of comedy, action, fiction.. honestly my knowledge about genres is pretty low so-
price: RM35.90

i'd rate this book pg-16 more than pg-13 cause it contains mild swearing and a few parts contains um erotic scenes idk. the line height between the sentences is a bit too close for my taste but the font is great (these are usually the criterias i look at before buying a book} the way the author portrayed R as a zombie who still has a soul, feelings & thoughts is awesome. i love julie and M (oh noes i'm giving out spoilers

the book cover's awesome too i think it's a nerve cell but i've left school for 2 months now so i'm not really sure. i've been using the word 'awesome' a lot.. damn my lack of vocabulary. anyways this is a great book, i can see why they're making it into a movie. this book is also isaac marion's first published book which is quite impressive

rating: ~*~*~ 4.5/5 ~*~*~
didn't give this a 5 because of the line height i am sorry ;_;

this book was bought buy me all opinions are my own bla bla bla.

in other news i woke up today and there's no water running and my dad said the water's out in all parts of bangi & kajang (not sure about kajang tho) and my dad has been scavenging for water at his university because we need to shower too y'know. without warning pulak tu isk isk isk. plus, my hand has been having a wild allergic reaction to flour lately and i've been trying out numerous types of cream but nothing's working. right now i can't even close my and eat properly since the infected hand is my right hand.

my dad has smeared his experiment cream(/substance/liquid whatever) he's making for his phd thing on my hand and i hope it cures it. how am i gonna work with a dysfunctional hand. i went to work yesterday but i was kind off useless. i helped cut things and plastics and store curry puffs. sigh. but today i took the day off cos my hand hurt a lot. my parents (who're doctors) call it eczema but i call it itchy hell.
People with atopic dermititis (eczema) may lack certain proteins in the skin, which leads to greater sensitivity.
i should eat more chicken.