Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello annyeong waddup  I just realised I've never told you guys about my current job at a bakery! My job is mainly handling the cash register, entertaining customers & decorating cakes. Sometimes I bake the cakes, but I'm usually busy at front. My fave job is making the cake toppers using fondants. Recently I made Angry Birds cake toppers and they sold fast.

RM4 each! Cos it took me hours to make them and they're made from a high quality fondant. Once my co-worker told me that a kid wanted to buy one but since he had no money he begged his parents for it. But the parents didn't want to buy one for him /how sad/. He even cried. I felt sorry for the kid but what could I do T^T I had the day off that day so I didn't know about the incident til today. I felt proud too LOL cos I didn't expect kids to like them that much. 

I feel mature ehem /flips hair/.