worst week of my life
Sunday, February 3, 2013

hello! long time no post! i've been having family issues these past few days (i won't go through the details) and it hit me really really hard. sometimes i wonder why i'm the only one stressed because my siblings seem to be doing just fine. i try ignoring my parents but end crying at 1am in the morning. but i'd like to thank aiman for being there for me & supporting me eventho he just makes it worse lol.

i really do not want to go into the details so lets open up another story shall we


my eczema is healing but it looks like it's stuck on a stage?? my palm's smooth but the skin isn't growing back. 

i've tried like a zillion types of medicine but none is working and i'm kinda getting really frustrated TT.TT i found out that i'm allergic to flour and i may have to quit my job since my job is at a bakery that uses flour on a daily basis.... still figuring out what to do sigh. right now i'm just smothering my hand with vaseline because my palm needs to be hydrated or else it'll hurt real bad omg.

i'll try to update more soon bye