"Don'tchu ever grow up" - part 10
Monday, December 12, 2011

Diorang pun nak menyebok :B

Paparazzi's and reporters are swarming B1A4's dorm. News about yesterday's incident were all over the news. Nadia and Gongchan were ordered to stay at home until the culprit was caught. Jinyoung and CNU shut the doors and the windows to prevent the commotion caused by the reporters. Baro and Sandeul were outside answering their questions while Nadia and Gongchan stayed in their room.

"For the mean time, Nadia and Gongchan are being protected by the police and are not allowed to go outside until the man who tried to kill Nadia is caught. We shall answer no more questions." says Sandeul, who was at the scene of the crime when the shooting happened.

- - - -

Nadia and the boys sat in the living room and discussed the matter.

"Why would anyone want to hurt Nadia?" asks Gongchan.

Since Nadia was like family to them, they protected her from everything. She wasn't allowed to work, shop, or even meet her parents. 

"Maybe I should go home, to Osaka." suggests Nadia.
"No, that's too dangerous." Gongchan says with a serious face.

Suddenly, "Ding dong!" goes the door bell.

"I'll get it." says Baro as he walks to the door. Looks like Hyuna was paying a visit.

"Hi guys, hi teacher! It's me, Hyuna!" she shrieks.
"Hyuna? What are you doing here?" asks Nadia.
"Oh, I wanted to pay Gongchan a visit because I heard how he got injured while trying to protect you from a car two days ago."
"Oh, I'm fine." says Gongchan.
"Ok then. Teacher, Headmaster wants you to collect your stuff tomorrow. You should bring Gongchan to protect you and everything. Bye!" Hyuna waves and leaves their dorm. Sandeul had a bad feeling about Hyuna. But why?

- - - -

This time, Gongchan drove Nadia to Boulevard High. He doesn't want to risk her safety by walking to the school. They enter the school and Nadia asks Gongchan to wait for her in her old class.

"You sure you'll be ok?" asks Gongchan.
"I'll be fine. Just wait here and I'll be back in a sec." replies Nadia.

Nadia heads to the headmaster's office while Gongchan waits for her in the classroom. He sits at one of the tables and acts as if he's still in school.

"Teacher, I didn't finish my homework ho ho ho. Quack quack." says Gongchan. 
"What are you doing?" says HYUNA who appeared out of nowhere.
"Ugh, sorry just messing around. Where did you come from?"
"Let's not mind that, shall we? Rawr." Hyuna gets closer to Gongchan.
"Why are you coming closer?" Gongchan edges backwards but soon hits a wall.
"You know, Gongchan, I've had my eye on you on the first day we met."

Hyuna hugs Gongchan and pulls him closer. Gongchan tries to refuse but somehow Hyuna was stronger. Hyuna kisses Gongchan and that's when they heard a crash... 

Nadia was at the door and in front of her was shards of glass from her favorite mug. She was baffled, astonished to see Gongchan and Hyuna together.

"Gongchan... how could you?!" says Nadia. Tears were already flowing from her eyes. Hyuna just watched and smiled mischievously.
"No Nadia this is just a misunderstanding. Please, trust me." says Gongchan.
"I shouldn't have trusted you! All you want is popular girls while I'm just a normal country girl!"
"Nadia.. that's not true..."
"We're over. I'm going back to Osaka. Goodbye."

Nadia left Boulevard High and ran to their dorm. Gongchan wanted to chase after her but Hyuna took hold of his hand.

"Hyuna! Why did you do that?!" asks Gongchan with a furious voice.
"With her out of the picture, you can now be with me." says Hyuna.
"Let go of me! I don't know you and I don't even like you!" Gongchan shaked his hand until Hyuna lost her grasp and he ran to find Nadia. Hyuna was becoming more and more angry.

By now, Nadia was already in a taxi with Sandeul, her new best friend. Sandeul was trying to comfort Nadia, who was crying so hard her eyes became puffy.

"Come on Nadia tell me what happened..."says Sandeul.
"I just wanna go home... isk isk...." Nadia soon fell asleep in Sandeul's lap. It was a long way to Osaka. Suddenly Sandeul's phone rang. It was Gongchan!

"Hello? Sandeul? Is Nadia with you?" says Gongchan.
"Yeah she's asleep. Channie, what did you do to her?" asks Sandeul.
"Ask your ex-girlfriend, Hyuna! She's the one who caused this!" 

Yeah, Hyuna was Sandeul's ex-girlfriend. They dated a few years back but they broke up after Hyuna tried to seduce another man.

"Oh. Looks like she's up to no good again. I'll talk to her when she's already calmed down."
"Okay, just bring her back to me. Please." Gongchan hung up.

Sandeul sighed and looked at Nadia.

"I'm sorry that you have been a victim of Hyuna." says Sandeul softly.

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