"Don'tchu ever grow up" - part 11
Tuesday, December 13, 2011

- - IKLAN! - - 

So, B1A4 tak dapat award Best New Artist dekat MTV Best of the Best T_T I failed! Huwaaaa.... B1A4 dapat nombor 2, nombor 1 Boyfriend. Uhuhuhu. Tapi takpe, B1A4 menang Hot Debut Star! YEAH! Saya memang vote untuk dua-dua :B 

Thank you to all Bana's who've voted for B1A4! ♥

For more, view [here].

- - - - -

Abang Gongchan ♥ har har.

"Nadia... Nadia... wake up, we're here." says Sandeul while shaking Nadia. They've arrived in Osaka, Nadia's hometown. Nadia rubs her puffy eyes at sat up. She looks around, dazed, and opened the taxi door. Sandeul pays the fees and went out as well. Nadia's parents were already outside awaiting for their daughter's return. Nadia drops her bag and hugs her mother. She starts to cry again.

"Thanks for sending her here, Sandeul." says Mr Amran as he strokes his daughter's head. Nadia continues to cry as her mother is comforting her.

"Nadia, I need to tell you that this was a big misunderstanding. I know Hyuna, she set this up." says Sandeul. Nadia looked at him and said ..

"Whatever it is, why didn't he fight Hyuna? Or push her? He could do anything but he didn't. Look, just go home and I'll make up my mind after a few days. I just need peace and tranquility."

Sandeul didn't say anything else and left Nadia's house and headed back to B1A4's dorm.

- - - - 

"Sandeul! Where's Nadia? Is she okay?" asks Gongchan as he sees Sandeul enter the dorm. Sandeul just shakes his head and walked to the kitchen to grab a drink. Gongchan froze. He could feel his heart break and muttered, "I don't want to lose her..."

- - - -

Nadia laid on her old bed and watched the ceiling for almost 1 hour. And empty ice cream carton was on the floor and the stereo was playing sad songs. On her phone was 20 missed calls from Gongchan. She was still heartbroken. She couldn't face him. She stood up and wandered in her bedroom. She still remembers what Sandeul said to her.

"I know Hyuna, she set this up.

She shook her head and turned off the stereo. She was tired of all the drama. Suddenly, she heard a song from the balcony. She sat up and listened carefully.

click play.
" Ulgo sipeul ttae ureoyo seulpeumdeureul aesseo chamji marayo
Geudaega dasi useul su itge naega anajulgeyo
(Cry when you want to cry. Don’t purposely hold in your sadness
I’ll embrace you so that you can smile again) "
"Eh?" Nadia was confused. It was like a live perfomance. She stood up and stood in front of the glass door that leads to the balcony. She put her ears on the curtains and continued to listen.
"I pray no tears in your dreams
I know you’ll fly high in your life"
She opened the curtains and there he was, Gongchan, singing his heart out to Nadia. Nadia was surprised. How did he come here? How did he climbed to my balcony? Gongchan continues to sing Only One until the end. His eyes were filled with tears. 
"Nae gyeote isseo. You'‘re the only one.
(Stay by my side. You’re the only one)"
"Nadia..." Gongchan starts to speaks. Nadia could see eye droplets fall on Gongchan's cheek. "Yes, Channie?" answers Nadia.

"Hear me out... I never said this to you and I regret it. I love you, Nadia. You're everything to me. You're the only one I see. There's nobody who could replace you. I wanted to talk to you tomorrow, but I just couldn't help but think of you. I'm sorry for everything. I don't want to hurt you anymore. Please..." Gongchan pleaded. His eyes were drowning from tears. Nadia went to him and hugged him.

"Awww don't cry or I'm going to cry too.." says Nadia. She could feel her eyes getting wet. "That's okay I forgive you." Nadia kissed Gongchan's cheek and lead him to her room.

Suddenly Gongchan collapsed.

"Oh my God, Gongchan?? Wake up, honey, don't play tricks on me. MOM!! DAD!!" Nadia shouted while cradling Gongchan in her arms.

"Nadia? Is everything al.. Oh my, Gongchan?! How did he get here?" says Mrs Ramlah.

"It's a long story, help me get him on the bed."

Nadia and her parents put Gongchan on her bed and called the family doctor. Gongchan's face was losing colour. Nadia held Gongchan's hand tightly while waiting for the doctor...

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