"Don'tchu ever grow up" - part 12
Thursday, December 15, 2011

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The doctor arrived and took some tests on Gongchan. Nadia waited patiently by his side. Then he asked for Nadia to wait outside. Nadia looked at Gongchan and stepped outside. She sat in the corridor, waiting and waiting for the doctor to call her back. Suddenly..

"Miss Nadia?"
"Yes, doctor?" she answers and quickly walked inside. She saw Gongchan's eyes open and his face was glowing again. She felt relieved.
"Gongchan has a low energy rate, he just needs to eat. Or just give him a glass of 100plus." explains Dr Jung.
"Alright, doctor. Thank you." The doctor leaves the couple alone.

"I was hoping that when I wake up, you were by my side. Heh." said Gongchan, smiling. Nadia sat beside him and took a look at the pills the doctor gave. "You gave me a heart attack, Channie." says Nadia. "Sorry."

Mrs Ramlah brought some food for Gongchan to eat. After a few hours of rest, Nadia and Gongchan went back to their dorm. They saw Sandeul and the gang waiting for them at front, with the police by their side. What's happening?

"Gongchan, Nadia.. you guys aren't safe yet." says Jinyoung.
"Why? What's wrong?" asks Nadia.

They all went inside and talked.

"We investigated the incident that happened a few days ago and caught the culprit." the police starts to explain. Nadia and Gongchan were astonished. But how come they're not safe yet?

"We questioned the guy who'd been ambushing you guys. He was hired by a girl named Hyuna? He said that since the last 2 plans failed, Hyuna is going to eliminate you, Nadia, herself. So we have to put you under protection." says the police. Nadia's eyes rounded. How could Hyuna do this? She thought.

- - - -

"Come on, Channie. We have to go buy the groceries." says Nadia to Gongchan.
"But it's dangerous out there!" says Gongchan, who was also lazy.
"The police will wait for us outside, now come on.." Nadia pulls Gongchan's shirt. Gongchan just obeys his wifes orders.

- - - -

"Bread.. bread... where's the bread...?" asks Gongchan while searching at the bakery aisle. Nadia was busy searching for jelly donuts, her favorite. 

"Channie!! They're all out!!" shrieks Nadia.

"Jelly donuts? They're up here. You're just too short to see them." says Gongchan as he takes a packet of jelly donuts on the rack. He hands them to Nadia.

"Thank goodness, I can't live without them" says Nadia as she hugs the jelly donut pack and puts them in the grocery basket. They finished shopping and walked to the front door. They stood there but the door wouldn't open. "Eh?" says Nadia, puzzled. Then a supermarket staff approached them and told them to go out using the back door, because they're already closing. Nadia and Gongchan just nodded and followed the supermarket staff, who was trying to shield his face with a cap. So strange.

Soon enough, they were outside, at the back of the supermarket. Nadia turned around to thank the supermarket staff but he was no where to be seen. She dismissed it and walked. Gongchan was already walking. Suddenly he stopped in his tracks. So does Nadia. Because they saw Hyuna, standing in about 3 metres in front of them.

"Hyuna, can you please not disturb us anymore?" asks Gongchan.

"I'm sorry, but I can't help it. I'm not used to failing." answers Hyuna as she draws a knife out of he pocket.

"Oh my, Hyuna... listen to me... don't do anything stupid.. there's a couple of police officers waiting for us as if you do something unnecessary you'll end up in jail.." says Nadia, trying to calm Hyuna down.

Hyuna starts to cry. "Why can't I be happy as you guys?!!" She aimed the knife at Nadia and charged at her. 

"Nadia!! Look out!!" Gongchan didn't know what to do and jumped in front of Nadia and the knife went to his stomach. He started to bleed. 

"Channie!!!!!!" shouted Nadia.

Hyuna ran after she realized that she stabbed Gongchan. Gongchan fell but Nadia caught him.

"Somebody!! Anybody!! Help!!" Nadia took of her sweater and tried to stop the wound from bleeding. A group of supermarket staff saw them and quickly ran to help. They called 911. Gongchan was losing consciousness.

"Channie, baby, stay with me.. don't close your eyes.. please..."

The ambulance and the police arrived at the scene. Gongchan was already losing so much blood. Nadia was crying while cradling Gongchan.


- - - -

Nadia was waiting outside the operation room. She just stood there, holding the sweater full of Gongchan's blood and with a numb look on her face. Her parents arrived and embraced her. She started crying and blaming everything on herself.

"It's not your fault, dear.. Everything will be alright.." says Mrs Ramlah, trying to calm her daughter down. 

A doctor came out from the operation room and went to them. He clears his throats and sighs.

"How's my husband, doctor?" Nadia asks.
"Well, we've managed to stabilize him, but he's currently in a coma. We don't know when he's going to wake up, but I assure you, he's in good hands."

Nadia looks at the doctor with a blank look on her face. She felt lifeless.

"It's all my fault..." she mutters.

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