"Don'tchu ever grow up" - part 15
Sunday, December 18, 2011

Part 14 hingga 16 sebenarnya sudah ditulis di Microsoft Word ketika ketiadaan internet hew hew. Hari ni 14 and 15 dulu kay. Esok 16 pulak. Ohoho.

Today Nadia and Mrs Ramlah made a decision to take care of Gongchan at B1A4’s dorm. They checked out and the receptionist says that they will send a nurse to take care of Nadia and Gongchan in case Nadia has sudden pain or Gongchan wakes up. Nadia nods and signs the letters. They brought Gongchan home and laid him in their bed. Sandeul helps with the luggage and everything.

“Sandeul, I’m going to wash up. There will be a nurse staying with us so will you please welcome her?” Nadia says as she takes off her shoes. Sandeul nods and serves a cup of coffee for Nadia. Nadia thanks Sandeul and takes the coffee to her bedroom. Sandeul goes to the guest room and cleans the room for the new roomie.

Suddenly, “Ding dong!” goes the bell.

“Must be the new nurse,” says Sandeul as he wipes his wet hands on his trousers. He rushes to the door and opens it. He was surprised to see the nurse he bumped into yesterday.

“Eh....? What is oppa doing here?” she asks.

“I live here,” Sandeul replies. The nurse looks at a note in her hand and says, “Is this the right address to a Miss Nadia and Mr Gongchan?” she asks. Sandeul nods and helps her with her bag. She was obviously astonished to be living with the B1A4 group.

“I thought the couple lived in another house,” says the nurse. Sandeul ignores her bewilderment and asks her name.

“It’s Madeline.”
“Nice name, suits you perfectly,” compliments Sandeul as he shows Madeline to her new room. Madeline blushed and followed Sandeul with curious steps.

- - - - - -

“Hi. Um, my name is Madeline Jia. I’m a trainee nurse and manager. I was sent here to treat Nadia and Gongchan, plus, become your temporary manager,” Madeline introduces herself to her new housemates. Nadia shakes her hand and says that they welcome Madeline to her new house.

“Since when do we need a babysitter?” asks CNU.

“Since B1A4 is starting a reality show next week, the company sent me,” explains Madeline.
“Ah, things we do for peoples entertainment...” sighs Jinyoung. Baro yawns and says he wants to go to sleep early. So does Sandeul and the others.

“Btw, starting from now you guys are waking up early,” says Madeline. The B1A4 boys looked at her in astonishment. She just nudges her shoulders and said, “Rules are rules. Sorry.” She left them and went to her room.
Nadia laughs at the boys and teased them. Baro gave a big noogie on Nadia’s head and ran. Nadia who was four months pregnant still has the strength to chase after him. Followed by Sandeul, who was worried about Nadia falling. Jinyoung and CNU saw the fun and joined them. Nadia got tired early and constricted herself to bed. 

- - - - - - 

“Nadia.. it’s time for you to take you medications,” says Madeline as she knocks on Nadia’s bedroom door. Nadia opens the door and invites Madeline in. Madeline walks and looks at the pictures of Nadia and Gongchan a few months ago, before Gongchan fell into a coma.

“He’s a handsome man, isn’t he?” Nadia asks Madeline. Madeline turned to Nadia and nods. She takes 2 pills from Nadia’s medication pack and gave it to Nadia.

“I’m sure he’s going to be fine...” says Madeline.

“I hope so,” Nadia says and ate the pills. Madeline bowed and leaves Nadia’s room. Nadia takes a wet towel and wipes Gongchan’s face.

“I hope you wake up soon...” Nadia says and slept beside Gongchan.

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