"Don'tchu ever grow up" - part 2
Wednesday, December 7, 2011

This is a fanfiction. Use 101% of your imagination for best results. Plus, nothing that I write is real. Everything's made up. Ktq.


Don'tchu ever grow up, part 2.

Nadia's on her bed, with a wet pillow on her face on sad music on her stereo. She was really sad. 

"How could he forget me?! Douchebag! Jerk! Stuck up jerkkkk!" she screamed. The pillow made her voice a bit muffled. 

Nadia's mother listened and knocked on the door. "Honey, my friend's family is coming over for dinner. Please get ready by 6PM."

"Yes, ma..." Nadia stood up and went to the bathroom. She passed a picture frame of her and Gongchan and grabbed it. She took a long look at it at smashed it into the walls. She was hurt. More than hurt, she was killed. Her heart aches. 

"Maybe a nice warm shower would ease the frustration." 

- - - -

In the living room, Mrs Ramlah, Nadia's mother, and Mr Amran, Nadia's father, was talking about Nadia and Gongchan.

"Amran, how are we going to tell them the big news?"
"I don't know. It was your idea! Figure out a way. I want my daughter to have a companion now. She's 20 years old for heaven's sake!"
"I'll try. But if anything goes wrong, you have to help me."
"Ok, I will for the sake of my daughter.

- - - - 

"Ding dong!" goes the door bell.

"Oh, he's here. Nadiaaa! My.. um.. friend.. has arrived! Come down right this instant!"
"Just a sec, Ma!"

Mrs Ramlah opens the door for Gongchan. Gongchan brought his mother and father along too.

"Oh, Gongchan! Come in, make yourself at home!" says Mrs Ramlah.
"This was my second home, aunt Ramlah. Heheh." Gongchan replies.

Gongchan sat at the dinner table and waited for Nadia to come. In his heart, he couldn't wait to see Nadia after so long. He got into a little chit chat with Nadia's family and suddenly Nadia comes down.

"Ma, what is HE doing here?"
"Nadia, you look so... skinny.. And still as short as I remember. Eh, weren't you at the mini-concert? You were the one who shouted at me!"
"You remember now, huh? Pfft."

Mrs Ramlah noticed the chaos and quickly asked for Nadia to come and sit down at the dinner table. Nadia couldn't refuse her mother's orders and came to the dinner table with long and lazy steps.

"Nadia, ehem, me and your father planned this dinner with Gongchan to tell you guys something important. I hope you both don't overreact."
"I'm listening, auntie" Gongchan said while making an aegyo face at Nadia. Nadia rolled her eyes.
"Since Nadia is already 20 and Gongchan is already 22, maybe it's the best time for us to tell this to you guys," said Mrs Ramlah, noticing the face reaction between the two 'friends'.
"Spill it, Ma." Nadia replied.
"Ok, you both are actually engaged from the minute Nadia was born and you'll be married in two days."
"What?!!!" shouted Nadia. Surprised and angry at the same time.
"I can't marry her at this time, I'm on the way on becoming a star!"
"That's all you care about! You never think about anything else besides your precious 'fame'!"
"Shut up you two! You both are getting married whether you like it or not! Sort your problems or pay for all the money we made for this!" shouted Nadia's father angrily. Nadia was shocked, so was Gongchan.

"Okay okay, let's all eat, shall we?" says Mrs Ramlah calmly as she serves dinner. They ate and Gongchan went straight home. He was kind of silent the whole dinner. Nadia didn't even finish the food on her plate. What will happen next?

- part 2 END -

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