"Don'tchu ever grow up" - part 22
Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mari terbang, B1A4! *Mereka makin kacak! Hihi*

“Dum dum dum...” hummed Gongchan as he was stirring his famous kimchi soup he’s making. Everybody is outside shovelling the snow while Nadia is resting in the lounge. After the soup was ready, he called everybody to the kitchen.

“Brrr. It’s so cold. Everytime we shovel the snow, another new layer comes in. Ah, I’m exhausted!” complains Baro. CNU nods in agreement, so does Madeline, Jinyoung and Sandeul.

“Just in case a storm comes in, do we have any food supplies?” asks Madeline. Sandeul points to the floor and says, “There are in the basement. Are you sure there’s going to be a storm?”

Madeline nods and points outside. The snow is already getting heavier and heavier. Nadia comes into the kitchen with one hand on her hips and one grabbing a bowl from the cupboard.

“Let’s just hope there isn’t one,” Nadia mutters.

- - - - - - 

Night falls and the snow is as tall as half of the door. Gongchan puts a blanket over Nadia and crawls underneath it.

“How’s appa’s big boy?” Gongchan asks as he tickles Nadia’s tummy. Nadia barely felt it.

“How are you sure that it’s a boy?” asks Nadia.


Suddenly Nadia felt a sharp pain in her stomache. She holds her tummy and screams for help. Gongchan was alarmed and called the others. Gongchan layed Nadia on the couch and called 911. Madeline raced to Nadia.

“She’s giving birth!!” Madeline shouts. Jinyoung, CNU, Baro and Sandeul panicked.

“Ah! They can’t send any help because of the snow,” says Gongchan as he slammed the phone. He took a towel from the kitchen cabinet and wiped Nadia’s forehead that is already dripping with sweat.

“Sandeul, Baro, go take a bucket of warm water and a few towels. Jinyoung, CNU, you guys take some clippers and scissors. Nadia has to give birth right now!” Madeline ordered. They follow Madeline’s instructions and gathered the equipment. Suddenly Nadia’s water flowed. She screamed in pain and squeezed Gongchan’s hand.

- - - - - - - - 

"Push Nadia, PUSH!!!" shouted Madeline while searching for the baby's head. Gongchan stayed by Nadia's side while the others waited outside Nadia's room. 

"I'm trying!! Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" Nadia screamed. She took a deep breath and pushed as hard as she could. Madeline could see the baby's head and nodded eagerly. "There she is, there she is! More Nadia! Just 3 pushes more!"

"Bah, that looks painful," says Gongchan with his eyes wide open.

"Hey, fool!! Help me get the baby out!! AAAAAAHHHHH," Nadia shouted at Gongchan. 

Gongchan nodded and sang a song, but it isn't helping. After a few pushes, the baby is almost out. Nadia could here a cry and felt a bit relieved. "Last one, Nadia. And this will be over," Madeline said. Nadia nodded and gave one big push, finally the baby went out. Madeline clips and cuts the umbilical cord and hands the baby to Nadia.

"It's a girl," Madeline said and smiled. Nadia and Gongchan looked at their firstborn.

"Ah, she's so beautiful just like her mother," Gongchan said and pinched Nadia's nose.

Suddenly, Nadia felt pain again in her stomach. She cried and handed the baby over to Gongchan. Madeline was shocked and checked again.

"Another one! Nadia you're having twins! Ok stay still... stay still..." Madeline crouched and got her hands ready for one more baby. 

"I don't think I can do it..." Nadia said, weakly. 

"Come on Nadia just a few more pushes and this will all be over," Gongchan kissed Nadia's forehead. She looks to her husband and child and felt a stream of adrenaline go through her. She pushes as hard as she can. After a few pushes, the second baby was finally out. She felt a heap of relief.

"Ah, a handsome baby boy," says Madeline as she hands him to Nadia. 

"So, what are we going to call them?" asks Gongchan.

"Hmmmmmmmm...... let's check a name dictionary first. Haha!" Nadia says and laughs. 

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