"Don'tchu ever grow up" - part 4
Thursday, December 8, 2011

This is a fanfiction. Use 101% of your imagination for best results. Plus, nothing that I write is real. Everything's made up. Ktq.

Muka separuh pun dah nampak ke-hot-an dia uwwww. cair ai 

On the next day, Nadia spent hours and hours in front of the computer, stressed too. Gongchan noticed the situation and asked why she's been stuck on the computer for so long.

"Well, marrying you means I have to live in Seoul and quit my job and find another job which currently aren't available at this time of year," Nadia said with a really angry look on her face.
"Nadia, why do you hate me?" asked Gongchan.
"I don't hate you. I'm annoyed and depressed by you."
"It's none of your business. Now go sing in the shower or something."
"Hmm." Gongchan went into the shower as Nadia commanded and sang Nadia's favorite song when she was little, the Barney theme song. Nadia heard from outside and giggled. She couldn't believe Gongchan still remembers that song. But she quickly shook it off and continued her search.

After Gongchan took a shower, he made some hot chocolate, served it to Nadia and walked away to the television downstairs.

"I was so mean to him, but he's still nice to me. Hmm," Nadia thought and felt guilty.

- - - -


"Gongchan! Are you getting along with Nadia?" asked Mr Amran, Nadia's father.
"Barely. She hates me and I can't do anything about that." replied Gongchan sadly. 
"Give her some time. When girl's are broken hearted, they tend to be really.. angry. Believe me, I have already been through it with your mother-in-law."
"How did you work it out?"
"Well, we love eachother. And nothing could separate us. I bet Nadia loves you too, or else she wouldn't be so mad about you leaving her."
"You think so?"
"I know my daughter. She loves you, but she has a really high ego."
"Hmm, ok. Thnks uncle."
"Hey, call me dad! I am your father-in-law now."
"Oh right, dad. Heheh."

- - - -

At 10 PM, Gongchan went upstairs to go to bed. He then saw Nadia, sleeping in front of the computer. She must have dozed off and slept. He went near her and saw that she finished the hot chocolate he made. He smiled. He closed the computer, climbed Nadia onto his back and carried her into her room. How sweet >.< *kata-kata penulis. He layed her down on her bed and slept beside her. Hey, they are husband and wife for heaven's sake.

- - - -

"KYAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" shouted Nadia, at 6 AM in the morning.
Gongchan, half asleep, sprung into a karate pose and said "What?? Who??? Where's the killer?? Haiyaaa!!!"
"You dimwit, there is no killer. What are YOU doing in MY bed?!" 
 "Remember, OUR bed."

Nadia ignored what Gongchan said and kicked him across the bed. 

"Nadia?? Gongchan?? Is everything okay??" shouted Nadia's parents who suddenly crashed into her room.
"Everything's okay, Ma." said Nadia.
"Awww, you're finally sleeping together."
"Oh no no no no, he did this on purpose." Nadia said while looking at Gongchan's face.
"Hey, I carried you to your bed after you slept in front of the computer." Gongchan replies.
"Next time, leave me there." 

Nadia rose and went into the bathroom. Gongchan felt guilty and sad at the same time. Poor Gongchan :(( *kata-kata penulis.

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