"Don'tchu ever grow up" - part 6
Friday, December 9, 2011

This is a fanfiction. Use 101% of your imagination for best results. Plus, nothing that I write is real. Everything's made up. Ktq.

My fave pic of Gongchan ♥

The B1A4 member's greeted the 'happy' couple brought them into the living room.

"So this is where you've been staying for a whole year.." says Nadia to Gongchan.
"Pretty cool huh? But Gongchan keeps saying that we should have internet connection so that he could e-mail you EVERY SECOND hahahaha.." snorted Sandeul.
"Hey, shut up." replied Gongchan, embarrassed at the fact that his secret is out.

Nadia giggled. "So that's why he hasn't contacted me," she thought to herself. 

Gongchan took her to his room. Formerly his and CNU's room, but since they were married, CNU moved out and stayed in Jinyoung's room. He gave her a tour and then they found a note on CNU's old bed.

"To Gongchan - - 
Oh my Channie! I can't believe you're all grown up now. I hope you both bring cute babies and live with eachother until you both are old. Haha.

To Nadia - -
Take care of my Channie! I'm not his guardian anymore. Tsk tsk. Ok bye you too! Have a wonderful life!"

They both laughed until they fell on the floor. Hahaha. Then they looked at the note and found something at the bottom.

"P/S : Don't use my bed. I'm taking it out tomorrow. Peace (Y)"

Nadia went silent. So is Gongchan.

"Looks like I'll be sleeping on the floor tonight." says Nadia.
"Why?" asked Gongchan.
"BECAUSE it's your bed this time so I have to sleep on the floor."
"That's your rules. My rule is ; OUR BED."
"Ew. No. Not in a million years. Not even if you're the last man on earth."
"There's a surprise I want to show you tonight." smirked Gongchan. Nadia was confused again.

- - - - 

At dinner, Nadia helped with the cooking and served Kimchi Soup for the boys. But Gongchan was in the closet room the entire evening. He even put up a "Keep Out" sign on the door. Nadia tried calling him down for dinner but failed.

"Is Gongchan always like this?" asks Nadia.
"Yeah. He never shows us what he does in the closet. Sometimes he would sneak to the kitchen in the middle of the night and bring up food." answers Jinyoung.

The boys complimented Nadia's Kimchi Soup and washed the dishes. Nadia excuses herself and went upstairs. She knocked on the closet's door.

"Hello.. Gongchan? It's me Nadia."
"Say the magic word!" he replies.
"What the heck is the magic word?"
"Say it... say it!!"
"Umm... Avada Kedavra?"
"Hocus Pocus?"
"Not even close."
"Um.. magic word?"
"Ding! You may come in now."

Silly Gongchan! Nadia went in and saw this huge fortress made out of bed sheets and pillows and even a chair! Here's a pic preview;


"Welcome to Narnia, my lady," says Gongchan while doing a bow.
"You did this... in a closet? Amazing!" replies Nadia.
"This is a large closet so there's no harm in having some fun, right? Hihi"

Gongchan took a garbage can top and wore it on his chest. He pulled out a wooden sword and stood on a chair.

"You're the princess and I am your knight in shining armor! Mwahahaha!" says Gongchan.
"Haha! Save me from the dragon, my love! HAHAHA!" Nadia laughed so loud, Gongchan fell from the chair.
"My lady, your laugh.. is so powerful!"
"Hahahahahahahahah! I am not your lady, I'm a wicked witch now! Krikkkk" scoffed Nadia playfully.
"Bring my princess back you witch! Haiyaa!" 

They played the knight and the witch until they fell asleep in the 'fortress'. What a childish couple, they are :] 

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