"Don'tchu ever grow up" - part 7
Friday, December 9, 2011

Post kali ni pendek. But korang kena jiwai dan imagine betul-betul tau! >///<

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This is a fanfiction. Use 101% of your imagination for best results. Plus, nothing that I write is real. Everything's made up. Ktq.

Look at that hair flip *o*

Next morning after finishing up breakfast, Gongchan brought Nadia to B1A4's dance training room. 

"Woah! This is where you train? Lots of... mirrors. Haha. You won't need your hand mirror anymore" Nadia teased Gongchan because he always looks at his mirror at Nadia's house.

"Har har har." Gongchan 'laughs' as he turns on the stereo. A really ancient yet soothing song comes on.

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"Eh, I've heard this from Shrek! A really beautiful song!" shrieked Nadia happily.
"Let's dance," says Gongchan as he takes Nadia's hand.
"No! I have two left feet you know." Nadia tries to refuse but instead Gongchan held both of her hands and swayed her along the dance floor, waltz version.
" ♪ Golden leaves looked brown to me
The world had lost color without you...
Shapes in the sky looked plain to my eyes
The world had less color without you ... ♫ " 
"Channie, you know I can't dance"
"Just follow my lead."

They continued to dance and dance until the end of the song.
" ♪ I know.. plenty of people with eyes closed,
They don't see you like I do....
Darling I do.... see... you..... ♫ " 
While dancing, Gongchan says to Nadia.. 

"Nadia, I'm sorry that I've been a complete jerk and everything. I will never leave you, again. I promise." Gongchan said softly.
"Promise you won't break your promise too?" Nadia replies.
"Yes, I promise that too."

Gongchan and Nadia sang the last part of the song together.
"♪ Darling I do, see you... ♫ "

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