"Don'tchu ever grow up" - part 8
Saturday, December 10, 2011

This is a fanfiction. Use 101% of your imagination for best results. Plus, nothing that I write is real. Everything's made up. Ktq.

*dead from extreme dose of Gongchan-ism

"Channie! Channie! Wake up!" shouts Nadia as he shakes Gongchan's body to wake him from the deep slumber.
"Five minutes, mommy." Gongchan replies and continues his sleep.
"Um... I'm pregnant!!"
"WHAT?!!!" Gongchan shouts and acts as if he has a heart attack.
"Just kidding. I got a job woohooo!"
"Don't scare me.. like.... that....." says Gongchan, dazed.
"You don't want kids?"
"Well... not now I mean... nevermind. What job did you get?"
"Oh! I got a job as an English Teacher at Boulevard High. I'll be teaching K-Pop stars English. Haha."
"Congrats, now let me continue my sleep. Zzzzzzz"

Nadia pushes Gongchan off the bed and sprayed him on the face with a spritzer bottle. Gongchan gave up and went straight to the bathroom. Nadia seems pleased.

- - - -

Boulevard High wasn't like any other schools. The students that attend the school are K-Pop stars, and they come to learn English. They bring they're bodyguards with them too. 

"Hello, students. My name is Nadia and I will be your teacher for this semester." Nadia introduces herself to her new class. One of her students was Kim Hyuna, who stood up and introduced herself to the class as well.

"My name is Hyuna, hello. Ihik." says Hyuna with a sexy voice. Nadia noticed how good she was in English and asked her...
"Your English is already very good, why are you attending this school?"
"To search for dem boys of course. Ihik."
"What the... nevermind. Let's start our first lesson. Nouns.. bla bla bla..."

Nadia's class went on for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Her shift was about to end. So she dismissed the class a bit early. She saw that Hyuna was still flirting with the boys and applying her lip gloss. Suddenly, Gongchan appeared at the door.

"Nadia my lovely princess! I have come to rescue you!" says Gongchan.
"Gongchan? I'm sure I can go home by myself." Nadia replies.
"And let those dragons hurt you? Never! Haha come on, I brought food. Let's go and have a romantic picnic"
"Say that again and I'll slap you haha. Ok let me clear my desk."

From afar, Hyuna was watching the happy couple. "I've always wanted someone to treat me like that...." she thought to herself. Jealousy took over her. 

Jeng jeng jenggggg.....

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