"Don'tchu ever grow up" - part 9
Sunday, December 11, 2011

This is a fanfiction, bla bla bla. You know the drills.


Gongchan and Nadia laid down the food in the park and started having lunch together. Gongchan made the meal himself. Sandwiches and creme caramel. Yum *kata-kata penulis.

"Channie, what do think about starting a family?" asks Nadia while eating a sandwich.
"Um.. what?" answers Gongchan.
"You know... kids? grandkids?"
"Well, I think it's a great idea."
"So.... ?"
"When the time comes, you'll be pregnant. We'll just wait. Why do you ask?"
"Well, you seem shocked when I was joking about being pregnant."
"It's a happy shock, not a sad shock. Don't worry." Gongchan smiled to Nadia. They finished lunched, cleaned up and walked home. The B1A4 dorm wasn't really far from the school.

As they were giggling and joking around, a speeding car appeared out of no where and tried to knock them down. In a flash, Nadia pulls Gongchan aside and the car misses them. But the car didn't give up and turned around and went full speed. Gongchan held Nadia in his arms and leaped to safety. Due to the second failure, the car drove away.

"What the??" says Gongchan, shocked.
"Did that car just tried to kill you? My god...." replies Nadia.
"Come on, I don't want him or her to come back and hurt you."

They ran away to their dorm. They told the other B1A4 member's what happened and lodged a report at the police station. The police says that it might be another drunk driver, but Nadia was sure he tried to hurt Gongchan. They survived with a few scratches.

"We'll be investigating while you, Gongchan, stay at home and be safe." says the policeman.
"Alright, then." Gongchan and the gang left the police station and went home.

Nadia says she wants to go to sleep early. So does Gongchan. They both said good night to Jinyoung and the others and went upstairs to their bed. They didn't say anything to eachother. Probably still traumatized with what happened. They climbed into their beds and but couldn't sleep.

Suddenly Nadia started to cry.

"Heyy heyy heyy what's the matter?" Gongchan asked and put his arms around Nadia.
"I just can't imagine what will happen if that car rams you and.. and.." she cried harder. Gongchan holds her closer and kisses her cheek.
"But he didn't, right? I'm fine.. let's just forget everything and go to sleep okay."

Gongchan turns off the lights and they went to sleep. Zzzzz.

- - - - 

"Ok class, turn to page 12 and read the passage. I will ask questions in 10 minutes, starting from now." says Nadia to her class.

She sits down at her desk and lays her head on the table. Her eyes were swollen from crying last night. She keeps waking up in the middle of the night and having nightmares. She was late for work and can barely keep her eyes open. Hyuna realizes how weird her teacher is acting and asks whether Nadia's okay.

"I'm fine, Hyuna. Please continue reading." Nadia answers.
"Yes, teacher.." a smirk plays on Hyuna's lips. 

Today, Sandeul helps pick Nadia up from work. Since Gongchan can't got outside til it's safe, Sandeul was given the responsibility for taking care of Nadia. 

"Your eyes look terribly swollen, Nadia." says concerned Sandeul.
"I know. Haha. I look horrible don't I?" Nadia replies. 

Sandeul was about to answer when suddenly the same car from yesterday drove in front of them. The driver held a gun and shout towards them. Sandeul, as quick as a fox, pulled Nadia to safety. Luckily, the bullets didn't hit them but instead it hit a car and exploded right behind them. It was chaotic.

"Why is this happening?!" shouted Nadia.

Nadia and Sandeul protected themselves behind another car. Nadia got a few cuts on her arm but survived. So did Sandeul.

"Nadia, I don't think that guy was trying to hurt Gongchan. I think he was trying to hurt you!" says Sandeul.

Jeng jeng jengggg *kata-kata penulis. 

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