"Don'tchu ever grow up"
Wednesday, December 7, 2011

This is a fanfiction. Use 101% of your imagination for best results. Plus, nothing that I wrote is real. Everything's made up. Ktq.


Don'tchu ever grow up, part 1.

"Channie! Wait for me!" shouts 5-year-old Nadia, who's chasing after 7-year-old Gongchan in the snow. 
"Why you malays so slow?" Gongchan replies with a smirk on his little face. His English wasn't so good, but has been improving since he met Nadia.
"For your information, Channie, I'm a bit chubby and you're as skinny as a plank. So comel help me out of this snow!" says Nadia who's fallen into a pit of snow. Gongchan runs back for her and pulls her up. 
"You are lucky that you are my best friend." Gongchan says with a smile.
"I know."

They hear their mother's calling and runs back home together. They're neighbours, by the way. 
"Hey Channie, promise me you'll never leave me?"
"I promise, Nadia."

15 years later (present)

The sounds of screaming girls are filling Nadia's house.

"OMG aaaaaa Jinyoung is so hot!" says Janna, Nadia's best friend. The other fangirls nods their head in agreement.
"I don't see why you guys admire so much about B1A4." says Nadia, obviously annoyed with her friends.

"Oh come on Nadia, show them some support. By the way, isn't Gongchan your best friend?" fangirl Jiha shouts from the kitchen while munching on a piece of cake Nadia made.

"FYI sisters, Gongchan WAS my best friend. He has probably forgotten me by now. Look at what he's got already." Nadia rolls her eyes and serves some juice to her friends.

"Hey, just because he left you for B1A4 doesn't mean he forgets you."

"Look, the last thing I want to do is reminisce about my old friend. Let's change the topic, puh-lease."

"Well, the mini-concert is over so I better head home. Bye guys!" 

"Oh me too! Bye Nadia, good night!" There goes Janna & Jiha.

"Bye.." says Nadia, barely having any voice to shout over to her friends. She turns off the TV and went upstairs to her room. She remembers the last day she talked to Gongchan, 10 days before he left Osaka. 

- - - 

"You're leaving your family, me and everyone here just because you want fame?!!"
"I'm sorry, Nadia. I promise I will never forget you and I will never change."
"Fine, go."
- - -

Tears went down her cheeks and she remembers that day. That was a year ago. Gongchan never texted, called or even e-mailed her. Which made Nadia really mad. She recently saw Gongchan hugging his girl fans in a fanmeeting. Well, obviously she was jealous but she denied it.

Suddenly somebody knocked on her door. 

"Come in," says Nadia.
"Hello, honey. I have something to tell you." It's Nadia's mother. She came in and sat beside Nadia.
"What is it, Ma?"
"You know your sister, Natasha, loves B1A4. So me and your father bought four tickets to their mini-concert here, in Osaka! Isn't that f..."
"I don't wanna go,"
"Let me finish, dear. We also have backstage tickets so you could go and meet Gongchan."
"Ma, the last thing I want to do is see him."
"Well, you're going whether you like it or not. We already paid. Get ready at 12 pm tomorrow. Good night, dear." Nadia's mother left and slammed the door. She was pretty mad. She just wanted Nadia and Gongchan to be friends again.

Nadia sighed. "Seems like I have no other choice," she says to herself.

The next day, 1pm.

"We're here!" shouts Nadia's dad.
"Woop di doo..." Nadia sighs.
"I can't believe B1A4 is here OMG! Nadia come one smile a pretty face for your BOYfriend" says Natasha, Nadia's sister, excitedly.
"He is not my boyfriend, dimwit." Nadia smacks her sisters head.

The mini-concert was held at a park. A big park. Natasha was so excited she danced all the way to the concert. She was a big fan of Sandeul. Nadia rolls her eyes in disgust.

"Nadia, I honestly don't know why you're so mad at Gongchan."
"He left me, Ma!"
"He left everyone, honey. And nobody seems to care. He left for his own good."
"Well I care." Nadia ended the conversation with her mum and sat on the seats they booked. 

The concert started with an opening act of Beautiful Target. Nadia was surprised to see how big Gongchan grew. And handsome, too. All of the girls at the mini-concert screamed until they're lungs ran out of air. Nadia didn't. She just stared at Gongchan. It's been 1 year since they last seen eachother and now he's right in front of her eyes.

The concert ended and the ones with a backstage pass was allowed to go and meet B1A4 face to face. Nadia approached Gongchan and said..

"Hi, Channie."
"Oh? Hi there." Gongchan replied without even looking at her.
"Don't you remember me?"
"You? I don't know you at all, sorry." Gongchan smiled at the other fans and autographed their books.
"It has only been one year, Channie! How could you!" Nadia screamed and left the room.

Gongchan looked confused. Nadia's mother just watched the scene and sighed. Her plan wasn't working. So she went to Gongchan and had a little chat.

"Hi, Gongchan. Remember me?"
"Oh, aunt Ramlah! Um, how are you?"
"Hm... you remember me but you don't remember your best friend, ay?"
"Nevermind. Do you wanna come over and have dinner?"
"Eh, sure! You still live at the same road, right?"
"Yes. Come over at 6 okay."

Gongchan nodded and Nadia's mother left with the rest of the family. Nadia was already waiting in the car.

- part 1 END -

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