"Don'tchu ever grow up" - part 14
Sunday, December 18, 2011

Four months have past and Nadia’s stomach has already grown. Her tummy is quite big for having to be pregnant for only four months. Unusual but Nadia just shook it off. She never left Gongchan’s side unless she needs to do her private business. Sandeul helps by providing food and clothes.

Nadia made the hospital as her own home. Her mother worries about her, but she said since she’s having a baby it’s best for her to prepare. Her ultrascan is next week and she can’t wait. But she’s also sad that she couldn’t savour the moment with her lovely Channie.

“Deulie, what do you think I should name my first baby?” asks Nadia to Sandeul while knitting a small sweater. She truly feels like a mother already.

“I don’t know. I have no experience in fatherhood. Haha,” laughs Sandeul as he puts fresh flowers in a vase beside Gongchan’s bed.

“I wish I could ask Channie..” says Nadia sadly. She continues her work. Sandeul looks sympathetically at Nadia.

“Nadia, your tummy looks very big. It’s like you’re already pregnant for 7 months!” says Sandeul as he looks at Nadia’s tummy. Nadia rubs it and nods. “I know right.” She scoffs.

- - - - - 

Nadia rests on an armchair and puts headphones on her stomach. She plays her MP3 on shuffle and let it play for her baby. Suddenly she hears a knock on the door. She turns around and sees Hyuna with cuffs and a police holding her shoulder.

“Hyuna? What are you doing here?” asks Nadia. She’s still mad with Hyuna for ruining her life. But she can’t change what has happened.

“Nadia...  I.. I want to apologize,” says Hyuna softly. She doesn’t dare to look at Nadia’s face because she feels guilty to Nadia. Nadia stands up and walks to Hyuna. She pats Hyuna’s back and says, “It’s okay. I accept your apology. I can’t change the past.” Hyuna starts to cry and puts her face on Nadia’s shoulders. The police tries to pull Hyuna back but Nadia nods to say it’s okay.

“I don’t think an apology from me is enough for you. Let me help in any way I can. Please,” begs Hyuna. Nadia nods and says she just wants Hyuna to change. Hyuna smiles and nods. The police says it’s time for Hyuna to go back to her rehab centre. They say their farewells and Hyuna leaves.

- - - - - - 

Sandeul drove to Hyuna’s rehabilitation centre. He enters and watches Hyuna from afar and is happy with Hyuna’s progress. He wants to take care of the person he cares about, even if it means sacrificing his dignity. Suddenly he is knocked down by one of the nurse there.

“Oh, I am very sorry. I’m in a... Oh my god, Sandeul oppa!” says the childish nurse with large spectacles. Sandeul stands up and brushes his butt. He helps the nurse on her feet.

“It’s okay,” says Sandeul.
“This is my first day here and I’m really stressed out. Well then, bye! Nice meeting you, oppa!” says the nurse as she runs off.

“What a funny little nurse. I did not
 even get her name.” Sandeul walks back to his car and drives back to his dorm.

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