"Don'tchu ever grow up" - part 17
Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Imagine Madeline like this hokay! x
- - - - - 

Madeline brought the boys to a mountain not far from their dorm. Nadia stayed at home because she doesn’t want to leave Gongchan alone.

“Today, we’re going on a hike! Whoever reaches the mountain the fastest, gets to sleep in tomorrow,” says Madeline. After hearing that, the boys became more energetic. They are really lazy when it comes to waking up early. Madeline says she will follow them from behind.

“On your mark, get set.. go!” says Madeline and blows a whistle. The boys aren’t allowed to run, so they walk really fast, as if they need to pee.

Madeline laughs at them at follows from behind.

After about 20 meters of walking, the boys are already tired. They’ve finished their water bottles and now they really need to pee. Madeline, who was walking slowly from behind, didn’t even break a sweat. She walks slowly past them. The boys make an ‘I-Need-To-Pee’ face at Madeline.

“Dig a hole, then,” says Madeline sarcastically. CNU’s mouth dropped. So does Jinyoung, Baro and Sandeul. Madeline sat on a boulder and pointed to the woods, meaning that she’s waiting for them to release their needs in the trees.

“You’re serious?” asks Baro. Madeline nods. Sandeul looks at the others. He stood up and continued walking. “I ain’t gonna release there. No way,” he says as he continues to walk. Madeline looked at him and then to the others. They already have their hands on their crotch.

“Looks like we have no choice,” says leader Jinyoung as he makes his way to the woods. CNU and Baro looked at eachother and sighed. They too make their way to the woods.

“Yah B1A4, that’s the spirit! Hwaiting!” says Madeline.

- - - - - -

“Kring... kringgg...” goes Madeline’s cellphone. She looks at the caller ID and it is Nadia. She answers the call.

“Madeline! Come home quick!” says Nadia.

“What is it, Nadia? Is everything alright?” asks Madeline quickly. As soon as Sandeul hears Nadia’s name, he zoomed beside Madeline.

“What’s wrong with Nadia? NADIA IS EVERYTHING OKAY??!!” Sandeul shouts at Madeline’s ear.

“I’m fine, it’s Gongchan! I think he’s waking up!!!” suddenly the phone went silent.

“Dammit, I can’t get any reception here. Come on, we have to go home quickly!” says Madeline to the boys. They all turned around and ran. Madeline ran behind them but she suddenly hit a rock and fell.

“Ow! Hey guys, a little help for the lady?”

Sandeul hears Madeline’s cry for help and races back for her. He puts Madeline on his back and carries her to their van.

“You big baby...” complains Sandeul. Madeline was silently liking the attention and smiled.

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