"Don'tchu ever grow up" - part 18
Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nak habiskan fanfic ni cepat-cepat, tahun depan dah tak online dah :]

Everyone was at Gongchan’s bedside. They could see that Gongchan is moving his head and his hands, but his eyes aren’t opening. Madeline brought a bowl of water and wiped his face with a towel. Nadia held his hand. They waited and waited. Suddenly his eyes fluttered and opened. He stared at everybody in the room. Nadia smiled but Gongchan’s face was blank.

“(talking in Korean) Who are you..? Why am I here?”

Nadia’s smile faded. “Don’t you remember me? Gongchan?” asks Nadia.

“(talking in Korean) What is she saying? And who are you other people?”

Nadia felt her world collapse. She left the room, sobbing. Sandeul wanted to follow her but Jinyoung held Sandeul’s hand and said that it’s not a good time. Madeline called Gongchan’s doctor to come by their house immediately.

- - - - - - - -

“Gongchan is experiencing moderate amnesia. This isn’t permanent, but it may take a while for him to get his memory back. You all can help by showing him things from his past. He only remembers his name and how to speak in korean,” says Dr Lee who was the doctor who treated Gongchan. He packed all of his things and left B1A4’s dorm.

Madeline just sat down on a chair with her hands under her chin, thinking about what’s happening. Nadia locked herself in the attic. Sandeul tried to persuade her to come out, but she remain silent. Madeline starts to explain things one by one to Gongchan.

“(talking in Korean) Gongchan-oppa, I am Madeline, your manager and nurse. This is Jinyoung, Baro, Sandeul and CNU, your group mates. The woman who ran is Nadia, your wife.”

Gongchan starred at Madeline. He definitely doesn’t remember her. He blinked and looked at his stomache.

“(talking in Korean) Was I sick?” asks Gongchan as he looks at a healed fresh scar on his abdomen. Madeline nods and continues.

“(talking in Korean) You are also going to become a father... Do you understand, Gongchan?” Madeline says slowly. Gongchan looked at her, surprised with what Madeline said. He just nods and says that he wants to go to sleep and calm himself down. Madeline just follows his orders and went out with the rest of the gang.

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