"Don'tchu ever grow up" - part 20
Friday, December 23, 2011

p/s ; esok saya tak online. so tunggu lusa baru saya sambung lagi eh.

“Annyeong, Sandeul-oppa. You look stressed today,” says Madeline to Sandeul who was staring outside the window for almost an hour. Sandeul didn’t reply but kept on staring and staring. Madeline snapped her fingers in front of Sandeul’s face and then Sandeul realises and looked at her.

“Oh, I’m fine. Ehem,” Sandeul excuses himself to his bedroom.

Madeline looks at him with sad eyes. Nadia and Gongchan saw the scene and looked at eachother. Suddenly, “Ding dong!” goes the doorbell.

“I’ll get it,” says Nadia as she rushes to the door. Gongchan tailed Nadia because they were playing together and the game wasn’t done yet so he doesn’t want Nadia to cheat. Haha *kata-kata penulis. Nadia opens the door and it was Hyuna with a police officer.

“Oh, Hyuna! What are you doing here?” asks Nadia.

“I wanted to see Sandeul. Hihi. Gongchan? You’re already awake?” Hyuna said after she saw Gongchan behind Nadia. Gongchan took a long stare at Hyuna. Suddenly memories of the day he got stabbed came to him, so fast. His head starts to hurt and he almost fell. Nadia took hold of him and puts her hand on his head.

“Gongchan, are you okay?” Nadia puts Gongchan’s arm over her and excuses herself. She left Hyuna in the hands of Madeline and brought Gongchan upstairs. Madeline looks at Hyuna, annoyed, and calls out to Sandeul.

“Sandeul! Someone’s here to see you~” Madeline said. Sandeul went out from his bedroom and walked towards the door. He saw Hyuna, smiling, and sighed.

“What do you want, Hyuna?” he asks.

“Urm, Sandeul, can we have a little chat? Friend to friend?” Hyuna asks and takes hold of Sandeul’s hand. Sandeul let go of her grip and went outside with Hyuna following him from behind. Madeline closed the door and stood by the window, spying on Hyuna and Sandeul. Hyuna was talking Sandeul into something, and it looks like Sandeul is just nodding his head and smiling at Hyuna. Madeline could feel a tear drop on her cheek but she quickly wiped it off.

“Why should I care? I mean nothing to him,” Madeline to herself.

She continues to spy on them but was surprised to see Hyuna crying and Sandeul patting her back. Sandeul stood up and bows to Hyuna. He smiles and walks back to the dorm. Madeline quickly pretended to do the dishes when Sandeul came in.

“So, is everything okay?” Madeline asks.

Sandeul pulls a chair in front of Nadia and sighs. Madeline felt something weird has happened.

“You know, Sandeul-oppa, you can tell me your problems if you want to,” says Madeline with a concerned face. Sandeul looks at Madeline.

“Hyuna... she wants us to be back together again,” says Sandeul.

“So....?” Madeline wants to know more.

“I considered it and refused.”

“Ehhh? Wae?”

“I’ve waited for her for too long. And she even injured my best friend. I still love her after our breakup, but the feeling’s gone now. Hm... excuse me, I need to rest,” explains Sandeul. He puts back the chair he sat on and went into his bed. Madeline feels as if she has failed to make him happy.

“If only you know how I feel about you...”

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