"Why did you grow up?" - ep 1
Sunday, January 29, 2012

Yes I have SPM. No I don't think this is going to bother anything. I know what I'm doing. InsyaAllah this is going to... improve my language. Amin. Btw tolong inform eh kalau ada kesalahan ejaan o' apa-apa. Tq ._.
“Channie... it’s freezing,” says Nadia with 3 blankets over her. She takes the thermos at the kitchen counter and pours two cups of hot chocolate. She hands one to Gongchan and drinks it.

“Ah... best hot chocolate ever,” praises Gongchan. Nadia snuggles herself close to Gongchan. It was a stormy night. The temperature was almost in negative. Suddenly someone knocked the door.

“Ah, who could that be?” asks Nadia.

“I’ll go look,” Gongchan says *bravely*. He walks to the door and turns the lock. He took a peek and quickly swung the door open after seeing who it was. “Nadia, get a towel! It’s Cheonsa!” he shouts. Nadia almost choked on her drink. She put down her cup down and hurriedly ran to the laundry room to get a towel for daughter.

“And Nadia, make that two!” shouts Gongchan, again.

“Two? For whom? Is Chin Ho here too?” thought Nadia.

- - - - - -

“Sit here, your mother’s searching for a towel. You’re soaking wet!” muttered Gongchan as he turned up the temperature at the heater. Cheonsa was shivering. Nadia came and saw Cheonsa, cradling something inside a blanket. She came closer and saw that it was a baby!

“Um.. here you go... dear. Who’s baby is that?” asks Nadia as she hands the towels to her daughter. She felt uneasy. “The baby’s hers, dear,” says Gongchan. Nadia couldn’t believe her ears. She almost fell to the ground but Gongchan took hold of her.

Cheonsa took a deep breath and said, “Yeah ma, she’s mine.”

- - - - - - 

“Cheonsa, you’re only 20! God, WHY?!” shouts Nadia. She feels frustrated after hearing Cheonsa’s story of being pregnant all this time and not telling her and Gongchan. “What about your studies??” Nadia storms to her room. Cheonsa looks to the floor. She wrapped her daughter with a warm, dry blanket.

Gongchan sits beside Cheonsa. “So, what’s her name?” he asks.
“Jessica.. James named her after his grandmother,” answered Cheonsa, weakly.
“Yah, James. He’s my fiancé. Well, WAS my fiancé. He proposed after I gave birth to Jessica. But then...” Cheonsa didn’t finish her sentence and started to cry.
“What happened?” asks Gongchan.
He died in an accident.”
“Awh... too bad he couldn’t join our family.”
“Excuse me,” says Cheonsa as she stood up. She took Jessica from Gongchan’s arms and walked to her old bedroom. Gongchan sighed and walked to his bedroom too. He opened the door and saw Nadia slumped on the bed.

“Nadia?” he says, softly.
“Come on, it’s not really a bad thing. Is it?”
“YES IT IS! She’s supposed to study and get her degree in medics and wait for US to pick a HUSBAND for HER. Not like this! NOT LIKE THIS! Ergh,” complains Nadia.
“Come on, Cheonsa’s home after 2 years not contacting us. Aren’t you happy to see your own daughter?”
“Of course I’m happy. But this isn’t right....” Nadia fell silent. She was already snoring asleep. Gongchan covered her with a blanket and sat on the bed.
“I’m sure everything’s going to be okay... soon.”
Cerita ni dah start weh! Be excited >o< Saya taktau bila saya boleh update episode 2, but akan cuba secepat yang mungkin! Dah siap tulis dah pun episode 2 tu :3
Bai Assalamualaikum :> 

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