"Why did you grow up?" - Synopsis
Saturday, January 28, 2012

Assalamualaikum, peeps.

jangan curi. haramz. resources ; one two three four

Saya terasa bangga dengan poster yang saya buat kat atas tu T^T Dush dush. Btw poster atas tu saya re-make balik and this is the sequel to Don'tchu Ever Grow Up. Semua akan ditulis dekat Microsoft Word dulu k.

Synopsis ;
Nadia and Gongchan's kids, Cheonsa, Chin Ho and Ae Cha are all grown up and living somewhere else, leaving their parents all alone. One day on a stormy night, Cheonsa comes back to her mother's home after 2 years while cradling a baby. She admitted being pregnant for all this time and her fiance just died in an accident a week ago. Nadia was worried of her daughter's behavior and is trying her best to make everything well again. 

On the other hand, Sandeul and Madeline's relationship are becoming rocky after Sandeul's big album debut. Madeline found out she was pregnant and doesn't know how to tell Sandeul.
Saya belum fikir nak jadikan one shot or ber-episode. Biar saya tulis sampai habis dulu ok. Ceh saya memang suka buat kerja bertangguh ni T^T Give me 2 weeks or so. Ok babai peace out. Assalamualaikum.

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