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Monday, June 25, 2012

Hai guise \o/ Saya berdiri..eh duduk....di sini untuk membuat lagu satu fanfic hehe. B1A4 lagi and Gongchan juga sebagai watak utama lol hahahaha. Anyway ini dia Prologue and Character list sorry kalau pendek ._. poster kalau saya rajin saya buat esok or lusa hoho.

P/S : English is not my first language /since I'm malay/ so sorry for any grammar mistakes. Comment lah tau hoho

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The eye patched girl shakes her beloved sister to wake her up. "We're here," she says. Her little sister blinked and looked out the aeroplane's window. "Seoul. We're finally here." The eye patched girl, Elaine, stands up and stretches after sitting in the aeroplane for 13 hours. She opens the compartment above her and pulls out 2 pink and blue bags. Her sister, Jane, applies one more line of eyeliner on her eyelids.

"Annyeonghaseyo, welcome to Korea. Passengers may exit the aeroplane," boomed the speaker. "Please exit in a straight line. Thank you for boarding with us. " 

"Come on Jane. I don't want to miss a taxi." says Elaine to her sister. 
"Relax, there're tons of taxis." But Elaine pushed her sister out anyway. After picking up their bags, they searched for the place where people go to board a taxi. As they were walking, Elaine noticed a familiar face surrounded by a group of screaming girls.

"Eh? Is that... No it could'nt be...." mumbled Elaine as she stopped in her tracks. 

Jane who just realized her sister stopped walking turned around to check on her big sister. "What's wrong, sis?" and looked towards the boy Elaine was looking at. Next thing she knew, Elaine was rushing towards the boy. Avoiding screaming girls and flashing camera until she was right in front of him.

"Andrew?!" screamed Elaine. The boy looked puzzled. Suddenly the flashes from the cameras turned into flames and Elaine remembered the dreadful night where her fiance and parents were killed in a fire. The memories hurt her head and she touched her left eye which has an eyepatch to conceal her pink skinless skin. She passed out.


Elaine Pierce - 19. An orphan. Wears an eyepatch to conceal the burn marks on her left eye. Isn't actually blind. Moved to Seoul with her sister to forget the bad memories from her hometown in England. Meets Gongchan at Incheon International Airport - she fainted after noticing that Gongchan's face resembles her late fiance who tried to save her parents in a fire two years ago. Rightful heir of the Pierce Gold. Has blue-green eyes.

Jane Pierce - 17. Elaine's little sister. Has been an antisocial girl after her parents died. Loves her big sister. Is good at painting and playing the piano. Has a pretty face but an ugly scar on her right arm due to the fire. Likes Jinyoung but keeps it a secret. Expresses her feelings through her paintings.

Gong Chan Sik - 20. Invites the Pierce sisters to stay with B1A4 after Jane showed the abandoned old house they were supposed to live in. Maknae and vocalist of B1A4. Falls in love with Elaine. Elaine's shoulder to cry on. Doesn't care about Elaine's complexion.

Jung Jin Young - 22. Leader of B1A4. Likes to observe Jane. Tries to win Jane's heart and trust. Helps the sisters by giving them jobs at WM Entertainment.

James Gerard - 17. Jane's long lost twin brother. He was mixed up with a dead baby after being born and his parents' thought he was dead. Raised by the Gerards - a problematic family. 

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Setakat ni, ni jelah yang mampu ._. Sorry kalau ada silap eja malas nak check. Should I continue? Comment lah kalau baik ehehe :3 Bye, Assalamualaikum! :-)

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