"Burnt" - Part 1.
Saturday, June 30, 2012

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Hai guise \o Sorry sebab delay part 1 cerita ni. Stress ma minggu ni tapi Alhamdulillah dah okay ☺ So ini dia saya siap rewrite lagi sebab tak puas hati. Sorry kalau bosan ;_; Again English is not my second language, sorry for any grammatical/spelling errors. Hearts x

- - - - - - - - - - 

**Elaine's POV**

My head was aching and my body was burning. I opened my right eye - the one that wasn't close by my eyepatch and PERFECT - half expecting to be lying in a hospital. But instead I was standing in front of an old burnt house. MY old burnt house in England. I wanted to turn around but something was pulling me in.

Then I heard it. Their voices. 

"Elaine... Help your dear appa..." says a male voice.
"Elaine I'm trapped upstairs." says a female voice.
"Elaine. I love you. Save yourself." The last voice was Andrew, the boy I love. I ran inside to find everything in place. I searched for them upstairs and went to my parents' room. When I touched the door knob, it was scorching hot. So I tried cooling it down with a bucket of water, but to no avail. Their voices were getting louder. I kicked the door down and a blast of flames came to my left eyes. I blacked out again.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Gongchan wipes Elaine's face that was dripping with sweat. He examined her features when Sandeul squeezed in. 

"Channie, don't you want to open her eyepatch?" he asks in a hushed voice. Gongchan shakes his head and says, "No. Her sister forbids it." Sandeul made a face and walked away with a duck mask in his hand. He joins Baro who was drinking watermelon juice. Meanwhile, Jinyoung was with Jane.

He studied how Jane was behaving, quite emotionless, really.

"May I know your name?" asks Jinyoung. 
"It's Jane."
"Where are you two from?"
"Okay... why did your sister faint? Does she have some kind of disease?"

Jane didn't reply and looked at her sister. Then at Gongchan. Yes, she thought. His face and Andrew is exactly the same. She looks back at Jinyoung, shaked her head and mouthed a "no". 

Suddenly, "Jane... ugh my head hurts." Elaine woke up but still had her eyes closed. Jane rushes to her sister. When Elaine opened her eyes, she felt puzzled to see 5 boys. She gasped when she saw Gongchan.

"Hey hey.. Please don't faint again," says Sandeul.
"Why am I here?" asks Elaine.
"Don't you remember? You fainted in front of our maknae," says deep-voiced Baro while patting Gongchan's shoulder. Gongchan was starong intensely at Elaine. Elaine noticed his eyes were sparkling just like a puppy. But Elaine looked away because she knew, that couldn't be Andrew.

"Uh thanks but you guys should have sent me to a hospital or something."
"Naaaah, Gongchan insisted taking you here!"'said Jinyoung. Gongchan blushed and hit Jinyoung in the ribs. "Hyung! Don't embarrass me... Come I'll take you two home." Gongchan took Elaine and Jane's bags and sped out.

"Well that was flattering," says Jane.


"You guys..are going to live here?!" 

Gongchan stared at the house in front of him. The door's broken in two, the windows are shattered and the roof looks like it was about to fall off. When he entered the house, the floors were half eaten by termites and the electricity was long gone. There was water, only rusted.

Elaine looked down in embarrassment. "This is where we used to live. We grew up here until Appa finally had the money and job to move to England. We can manage." A tear escaped her eyes but she quickly wiped it away. 

Jane's face, which was emotionless the whole day, finally frowned to the sight of her house. "I'll need to adjust..." she says. 

Gongchan went out and closed the door behind him while Elaine was fighting to get on the porch. "Thank you, er, guy." He felt guilty, though. I can't let two girl live here in this condition.

"Hey wait!" Gongchan turned. Elaine looked at him. 

"Um, you didn't pay me back!"
"Yeah! I dragged you all the way from the airport to my home, and drove you all the way from my home to here."
"Oh.. Okay... How shall I pay you back?" 
Gongchan grinned. "By staying with me and my friends in Seoul."
"What...." Elaine paused. Jane was considering Gongchan's suggestion because she doesn't really fancy living in a dump.
"Just until your house is fixed up."
"And how does that work out?"
"I'll call a decorator to redecorate your house!"

Elaine thought long and hard. Jane was nodding, meaning she liked the idea. Elaine only thought what was best for her sister, who was traumatised by the fire incident that left and ugly scar on her right arm....

"Okay. But, just until our house is fixed." Elaine finally decided.
"Alright! Let's go." 

- - - - - -

To be continued.

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